about Marcia...


Marcia McClain of McBay Miniatures is known throughout the miniature world for her attention to detail, her marvelous skill, and her ability to create unique and special designs for that special spot in everyone's heart. Sensitive to the  limitations of her young shoppers at miniature shows, Marcia is known for placing dozens of small pillows for sale at very reasonable prices  so that the young generation of miniaturists can purchase something special for their dollhouse...

When working on your special design, Marcia asks that you send her a piece of your wallpaper and specific dimensions of your windows.    A photograph of your room and furnishings helps.   A sketch of a suggested window treatment and swatches with a price quote are then sent for your approval. 

Marcia, an IGMA  Artisan, may be reached through email. If you prefer to write:


McBay Miniatures
PO Box 742,
Granby, CT 06035

Phone: 860-653-3945

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